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  1. Bean Squeeze (Drive-Thru Coffee)

    July 27, 2009 by Maria

    Last week a friend strolled up to Bean Squeeze (drive-thru coffee), on foot – and was refused service because she wasn’t in a car. How rude! But apparantly it’s an occupational health & safety-based rule? I was on my way from 96Three (radio station) today enroute to a friends house & was in the mood for a skinny, half-strength cappucino. I knew I’d be passing ‘Bean Squeeze’ along the way, so I decided to give them a go.

    I was the only car going through the drive-thru at about 1.15pm & it all happened so fast I don’t know how they produced a “chino” in such a short amount of time. After I ordered, I was told to follow the drive-way around to the 2nd window which is where I paid $3.80 for a mid-size coffee. The paper cup seemed cooler to touch than what I’m used to with takeaway coffee’s. When I took my 1st sip 5 minutes later (at my friends house), I learned the coffee was pretty much cold in “cappucino terms”. I downed half of it with one mouthful and decided to put it in the microwave -twice actually before I was happy with the temperature. The actual taste and strength of the coffee was quite good/satisfying. Back at Bean Squeeze I’d asked for raw sugar “on the side” and was given some sugar sachets they thought were raw sugar but “weren’t 100% sure”. They were filled with white sugar actually. But had I asked them to put the raw sugar in -apparantly they have their own “non-packet” supply.

    I think I’d probably try them again but next time I’d ask for a hotter brew. I might lament about my last cold cup and hope (secretly) that they’d give me one on the house?? There are also snacks you can order with your coffee (which I didn’t take advantage of) like muffins, banana bread, lemon tarts, cookies, chocolate brownies and carrot cake. All between $2.50 and $3.50 approximately. Bottled water is $2.50. Oh! Nearly forgot! In the title picture .. with coffee & “bowl”.. that bowl was my lunch today (ate it at my friends place) which I’d brought from home. It was a roast beef & cannelini bean salad. Photo’s are from my mobile. See you all tomorrow again (God willing!) with my recipe of the week. I also have another restaurant review up my sleeve :) Time to make ‘sausage rolls’ now with chicken mince & some grated veg +filo pastry -before hubby gets home. It was his first day back after two weeks off.

  2. Indian in Brisbane & "Hating the Colonel".

    November 17, 2008 by Maria

    Whenever I’m in Brisbane, I make a point of getting some takeaway curry from Miss India “Instant Takeaway Cafe” in the northern suburb of Aspley. I’ve been going there since 2003. I didn’t know ‘Miss India’ was a franchise either until today. I just checked my empty-ish suitcase and *phew* I do still have the takeaway menu! And the menu lists other Miss India locations too. I never read that far before.. rofl!
    I asked for permission to take some photo’s & the owners graciously said “yes”. So many more “no wait” curries than my local curry takeaway. Here (above in no particular order) we have: Butter chicken, Mango Chicken and Chicken/Beef and Lamb in Tikka Masala, Madras and Vindaloo. Yes, even Chicken Vindaloo! There is also Beef and Lamb Korma and Lamb Roganjosh. No waiting required for any of these including the vegetarian dishes which were: Dahl maharani, Vegetable korma, Chickpea and potato curry, Eggplant masala and Mixed vegie curry. All curries come with rice and they are $11.95 for a generous large serving and $8.50 for a small.
    There are some ‘sides’ to choose from also, being Tandoori chicken wings at $1.50 each, Tandoori chicken pieces @$2.50 each, fresh cooked Naan from $1.95, Vegie samosa’s @$1.50, Pakora @$80cents and Pappadums @50cents each. There were onion/carrot fritters too.. not listed on the menu, but I remember them and can see them above!
    I had lovely lamb roganjosh (above). No fancy photography here.. just not the best lighting, plus hungry bellies eager to dig in. My sisters butter chicken (below) presents in ‘brick-like’ form as we didn’t fluff-it-up with a fork after upturning the plastic takeaway container!
    My camera battery died after this shot. So no piccies of my chicken wing, samosa and raita! It was a lot of food admittedly, but I couldn’t resist the displays and “no waiting” concept. I’ve heard of fortnightly KFC cravings (started I think from the cult Mike Myers flick ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’).. but for me, it’s Indian I need to eat almost fortnightly. Gotta have a curry hit and must have some cooling yoghurt with it.. (raita). Great for gluten-free diets too!
    Shop 10 – 1378 Gympie Road, Aspley. Open 7 days till 10pm. Lunch Thu-Fri-Sat.
    Craving Colonel Sanders KFC fortnightly…
    (from “So I Married An Axe Murderer”), 50 second clip.