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Icecream Nachos

17/04/2012 by Maria

Hi Foodies, my apologies for not publishing a recipe last week, I’ve not felt like doing the whole cooking/photographing/blogging thing because of illness… and I even missed out on last Tuesdays radio segment.  I’m not on all cylinders yet.. or in foodie terms it would be “cooking with gas”.. so today rather than not publish anything, I’m revisiting an easy recipe from a couple of years ago, something I intended to keep in my repertoire and make again and again, but somehow (gasp!) it became archived and forgotton about!  This bears no reflection on how delicious and more-ish these icecream nachos are!  There’s nothing complicated about them and though I want to tell you to keep these nachos  in mind as an easy dessert for anytime (including entertaining and taking sweets to someone elses house: see notes under the photo’s), I should leave a post-it note on the fridge for myself too. I keep up to three magnetic note pads on my fridge.. so I have no excuse.

The cinnamon chips and choc sauce can easily be made in advance (keep your chips in an airtight container out of the fridge). No need to keep the choc sauce in the fridge either. I learned how to make the choc sauce at “Coffee School” (the Barista certificate means I can use our espresso machine at home).  The sauce is often stored in squeeze-bottles in cafes and zig-zagged across hot chocolate drinks. It’s better to use ‘fine’ drinking chocolate meant for sprinkling on top of hot drinks (easily found in supermarkets).. otherwise you may be faced with too many lumps in your sauce.  If you have a lumpy drinking chocolate, just make sure you sift it first.  P.S. I wouldn’t be tempted to use commercial chocolate sauce pre-bottled..or ‘Ice Magic’.  However, to make this a grown-up’s version.. add a few drops of coffee liqueur to your chocolate sauce.. something like Tia Maria or Kahlua. Eat up & Ole!

But before I go onto the recipe I want to add some FW musings… Not too long ago I saw the (documentary) movie ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ which meant a 60+ minute drive to Cinema Nova in Carlton (Melbourne). It was so worth it and saying I loved it would be an understatement.  Imagine a 3 Michelin star, 10 seat, sushi-only restaurant in the belly of an underground Tokyo subway station, run by  85 year old ‘Jiro Ono’.  I was mesmerised by the passion and brilliance.. it was my type of movie.  Of course I’d planned a sushi-train dinner immediately after it (being ‘Japas’ in Melbourne Central).  If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen some photo’s from that day.

Recently I’ve also been reeeally enjoying ‘How To Cook Like Heston’ on the telly and it’s changed the way I poach eggs and how I treat minced meat.. and that’s just for starters. It also means I had to own the book ‘Heston Blumenthal at Home’ which includes all of the shows recipes and more.  It’s coming all the way from the UK via Amazon because it’s more expensive for me to buy it locally..which is a shame.  I’d rather pay $39 (which includes the cost of postage from the UK) as opposed to $65-$70 online or at a bookstore.  So far I’ve seen ‘How to Cook like Heston’ episodes on beef, eggs and chocolate and I can’t wait to see more!

I’m also enjoying ‘Two Greedy Italians’ with Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo… so I’m a happy cooking show camper even though ‘My Kitchen Rules’ has indeed finished for 2012 (sad face).  I found MKR a lot easier to follow and much more entertaining than last years series’ of Masterchef (including Masterchef Junior).  Speaking of which, I’m missing Poh (Ling Yeow) from Poh’s Kitchen and hope she pops up on our screens with something new soon.  Will I ever get around to making her orange chiffon cake?

Icecream Nachos
Makes 2 large servings
Cinnamon Chips
-4 flour tortilla’s
-2 tablespoons unsalted butter (melted)
-3 tablespoons caster sugar
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
Choc Sauce
-3 tablespoons fine or superfine drinking chocolate
-2 teaspoons water
-Maple Syrup for drizzling
-4 scoops of your favourite vanilla icecream
-Optional: drizzling of coffee liqueur
-Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius or 190 fanforced
-Line a baking tray with baking paper
-Melt butter in microwave (in a small microwave safe dish)
-Brush two tortilla’s with melted butter
-Cut each one in half & then cut into large, triangle chips (with kitchen scissors)
-Place the chips on a baking tray, evenly spread, trying not to overlap
-Mix together caster sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl
-Sprinkle cinnamon-sugar mix generously over tortilla chips
-Bake in oven for 5 to 7 minutes.. until just golden (not brown)
-Make Chocolate Sauce
-In a small bowl mix together drinking chocolate and half of the water (1 teaspoon). After mixing as well as you can, add the final teaspoon of water and mix until it has the consistency of icing
-Take chips off tray to cool and repeat process with the next two tortilla’s
-To assemble dish, arrange most of your chips on a serving plate (sugar-side up), reserving two or three chips to arrange around icecream
-Place two scoops of icecream on top of chips, then add/lean your remaining chips around the icecream scoops
-Sprinkle some optional cinnamon-sugar onto the icecream
-Stir choc sauce with a spoon to ‘loosen’ it and gather a teaspoonful to ‘hover’ above your chips
-Pour and drizzle choc sauce over chips.. in a quick motion
-Finish with a drizzle of maple syrup & serve immediately
-Optional ‘grown up’ version.. drizzle over coffee liqueur.. like Tia Maria or Kahlua!

Heating my metal icecream scoop in some hot, tap water….

I bought these paper plates at Target, incase I needed to ‘take a plate’ (of food) somewhere. Though this plated dish isn’t portable.. the chips, extra cinnamon sugar & choc sauce are. Take along a tub of vanilla icecream.. (or pick some up on the way) then assemble the Icecream Nachos at your dessert destination!



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